Improve acoustics of your studio

Acoustic guide for home studio

Improve acoustics will help you to make better mixes in your studio. This acoustic guide is optimal for people with no knowledge of acoustics.

Did not it ever happen to you that after mixing a song which plays perfectly in your studio but sounds different on other players?

Your monitors sound great but you are listening to the monitors+ Reflections of your room.

Acoustics is the most important “gear”  in which we must invest. It can be a little expensive in some situations, in others not much, the dimensions and shape of the room will make the difference.

 We need to avoid reflections of the room for making accurate mixes

With this acoustic guide, I want to show you a basic method for improving your room.

 I advise you to read these posts and apply them in your studio:

I have been working on recording studios for more than 20 years, apart from install and treat several control rooms, so I´d like to share my experiences, I am sure will help.

We begin with symmetry in the room.
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