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Based in Madrid and operating since 2008, Powerestudio offers one of the most trusted mixing and mastering online services. High-end studio facilities equipped with the finest pro audio gear and specialized sound engineering will give you the best quality mixes and masters across all styles of music at outstanding rates.

Need a pro mix to your track?

Looking to boost the weak sound of your music?

Audio post-production or 5.1 surround mix?

If you are looking to mix or master your album, our website is exactly what you need.
Our online mastering studio works on all kinds of productions:

Rock, pop, electronic, EDM, classical music, Jazz, soundtracks, etc.

Only 3 steps process: order, upload, get your finished master
audio mixing online

Online Mixing Studio

Audio mixing online service to finish your project with a vibrant quality. Analog audio gear used to get a powerful sweet sound. Top mixer engineer.

Audio post production service

Online Mastering

Online mastering services to finish your tracks with a beautiful sound. Only High-End gear used to make your songs a hit.

Audio mastering online

Audio Post Production

Online audio Postproduction services. Mix your video, film or visual media. Stereo or Surround 5.1

We will mix, master, and produce your project to perfection.

Make your podcast sound professional with the podcast editing service. Your voice will shine.

Discover our royalty free cinematic music for film production. High Quality tracks.

The perfect sound design for your movies. Original sound effects and ambiances creation.

World-class online mastering studio

At Powerestudio, we offer a highly sophisticated and cutting edge online mastering to fulfill all your digital mastering needs. We have worked with dedicated programmers to create to ensure that you have all the tools you need to bring your creations to life. We have listened to and worked with highly experienced engineers and producers to offer you the kind of sound quality that comes from using such a powerful suite of sound engineering tools.

Excellent sound for your tracks

You need your project to sound as good in reality as you can hear it in your mind. As a professional, you are looking for the kind of clarity of sound that you can only get from a platform that has been designed with the end-user firmly in mind. Our mixing and mastering services offers you a range of solutions that have been designed to be user-friendly, as well as ensuring you the kind of power that you have come to expect from a dedicated fulfill sound studio.

Best online mixing and mastering services

The team behind Powerestudio is dedicated to bringing you the very best when it comes to sound quality and cutting edge tools that help you to realise analogue what you had envisioned. However, we also know that you often need your projects to be completed to a tight deadline. So, you will find that we platform offers a full range of everything you need, but laid out in an easily understood manner. We offer a fast and quality service so that your productions arrive on time.

No matter what your experience level is you will not only find our platform a pleasure to use, but you will discover that it offers you everything you could want from a mixing and mastering studio.

All projects are processed with High-end audio gear (Lipinski speakers, Geithain, Cranesong, Millennia, SSL, LavryEngineering, etc.) for getting an exquisite sound. The work is done in a controlled room acoustically, fundamental and essential part of any quality  studio.
Acoustics made by Tym Perry from Arqen sonic.

Best online mastering studio

The target of mastering is to ensure that your audio will sound the best possible on the outside world. Music is played on a lot of formats and devices nowadays. The final quality check of an experienced audio engineer ensures that your tracks are going to sound professional.
Powerestudio mastering process guarantees the final quality of your tracks. Our online mastering is a premium service. Try it!

Online mastering studio

Carefully chosen professional equipment

We don´t make masters only with software. After work with a great variety of audio gear, a special mastering chain has been chosen that really works in all music styles, such as Cranesong Hedd 192, Summit DCL 200, Telefunken vintage EQ, Charter Oak among others. All this combination besides the quality cable connection provides an incredible sound.

Online Mixing and Mastering Studio

Success Mixing and Mastering at Powerestudio!

Our HIGH-QUALITY service will be your SUCCESS. Powerestudio brings more than twenty years mixing and mastering. Your work will be handled by experts. So you just have to worry about composing. 

We work until the customer stays totally satisfied, caring for the tracks and making all the needed modifications. 

With our online audio services, you will get a warm, clear and detailed sound with good soundstage depth. A very analog and velvety sound. And the best of all, quality at affordable price.

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Important concepts about audio mastering

What is mastering?

It is the final process in which a final analysis of the audio is performed to make a song sound the best possible in all the existing audio equipment.

When do I need a professional mastering?

If you are a composer, musician or producer and you are going to put a production on the market, the best option is for your tracks to be released to the distribution with the best possible quality and this can only be achieved with a professional audio mastering, similar to our service.

My mixes sound perfect in my room, why to mastering then?

Because you make sure that your mix is ​​really correct. A large majority of studios and rooms do not have ideal acoustics, especially from 20 to 150Hz, which translates into problems and unbalanced mixes. Very high beats, booming lows etc

“One thing that surprises many composers is when after hearing their mix I ask them for a new one modifying the level of some instruments.”

Frequent problems that are not perceived in your monitoring/room:

  • Phase problems, cancelations
  • Lacking definition in the low frequencies
  • Unnatural changes in micro and macro dynamics
  • Noises, glitches, hum
  • Unbalanced stereo mix
  • Boomy or bright mixes
  • Muddy mix or vocals
  • Incorrect Loudness

Another great advantage of professional mastering is creative improvement.

With the use of mastering grade compressors, equalizers and harmonic distortion processors, your music achieves a sonic enhancement that translates into a great experience for the listener. Your mix is ​​transformed into a high quality creative product with a hook and emotional musical feeling.

"We assure you that Powerestudio is one of the best online studios to mastering your music"

JJ Bohoyo - Mastering Engineer

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