Royalty Free Music by Powerestudio

Royalty free music library featured by electronic, cinematic, and chill out music style collection ready to use in film, short movies, trailers, slideshows, presentations, websites, apps, videos, Cinema, TV or media projects. Music for filmmakers, video editors, and producers or simply to enjoy.

All tracks are Non copyrighted music for personal or commercial use

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Blue Coast Chill Out music with electronic drum, pads and warm sounds. House style

Tracks 1

BPM 105


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Warriors Land Epic Track Music composed using as reference the movie “Sintel”. Epic soundtrack

Tracks 4

BPM 91

The Last Woman on Earth Cinematic Music Track composition using as reference the classic movie. Soundtrack orchestration

Tracks 5

BPM 91

Power Intro Music One A collection of 20 tracks. Perfect for intro, outro and presentations or credits

Tracks 20

BPM 105


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Night of the Living Dead A suspense music track composed using as reference the classic movie. An enigmatic orchestration

Tracks 5

BPM 92

Heroic Poem Epic track, drama, mystique. Deep Drum, guitars, pads, and chorals. An apathetic and mysterious motif

Tracks 1

BPM 105


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Big Animation Cheerful track composed using as reference the movie Big Buck Bunny. Oboe, bassoon and jump rhythm

Tracks 6

BPM 92

A Simple Decision Pop instrumental background music with drama, enigmatic. Drums, guitars, and suspense pads

Tracks 1

BPM 105


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More Royalty free music made by Powerestudio, visit my Audiojungle portfolio

Royalty free music

Royalty free music is ideal for video or background multimedia project

Royalty free music ready to use in media projects. All tracks are released under Creative Commons 3.0. I started to provide music free of copyrights. Here you will find a collection of sound effects, loops, hooksounds and music exempt of royalties. All items are made with the highest sound quality, wave and mp3 included. Only selling one Full License in all the tracks, ready for broadcast, commercial, advertising or private use. Your projects can be published or sold on all media channels (TV, radio, cinema, websites, public events, DVD,  App´s, and many others) (read). Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or need exclusive sound design for your project, I would love to hear from you!

Can i use royalty free music license on youtube?

Music helps in engaging your audience, your videos connect better with the viewers, but a lot of people don´t know that the most of commercial songs are protected under copyright laws and is required to pay licensing rights for play on YouTube.

Avoiding this fee you are under the risk violate copyright rules. So using royalty free music on Youtube is the best option when you are looking for non copyright fee. Our music is only “one time buy-fee” so it can be used freely on youtube.

Free background music

Benefits of using non-copyrighted music

Using this type of music you are collaborating with independent artists that can’t compete with the powerful musical industry. Your fee contributes with many musicians that look for open a hole in this difficult market. With your small buying, you will help these independent artists additionally having original compositions.

Why use royalty free music in your projects?

Apart from save a lot of money, using non copyrighted music, you will have exclusive music in your projects. This is because you don’t have to pay fees for any Performing Rights Organization. Powerestudio produces all songs in-house not belonging to any Performing Rights Organization, so we can offer all tracks at affordable rates under our own licensing conditions. That means that you only have to pay one licensing fee without any additional costs.

Royalty free music library

Can non copyrighted music be used commercially

Totally, our music is available with any type of commercial product, digital releases, hardware, software, film, theatre, video or whatever.

It is forbidden to resell or rent our music tracks, copy and any other type of distribution.

What is Background Music?

Royalty free background music is used in a second plane. It serves as an accompaniment to another element of greater importance. It is played or mixed at low volume to not disturbing the first element or plane. It´s used in podcasts, radio behind the narrator, voice-overs, video games, presentations, websites animations and others. Although this is the main function of this type of music, it can also be used as main music or as a protagonist in any project.

My free royalty free music download

All music tracks that you can download here as “FREE” are available to use on your personal or commercial projects. Multimedia, online videos, websites, CD, DVD, analog or digital supports.
Please credit me. It is the only requisite I ask you to use my free music, include a reference to my authorship, as indicated by the license, since this is Creative commons – Attribution – No Derivative Works.

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