Mogami 2964 word clock cable

Hi-Quality word clock Cable for Recording Studios or Hi-Fi Equipment.

Mogami 2964

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Single Assembled:
BNC or Spdif Canare connector
Crimped connector mount
Soldered with WBT Silver Tin

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 Studio / Broadcast / Hi-Fi
 75Ω Digital
 Low Noise
 Hi Definition
 For digital use – Word clock, Spdif, Video, SDI

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word clock cable mogami

Mogami 2964 Specifications

  • Conductor Copper OFC 0.23mm²
  • 20 strands of 0.12mm²
  • Coaxial 75 Ohm
  • Insulation Low-noise polyethylene XLCPE
  • Double shielding: enclosed Spiral copper
  • 70 strands of 0.12mm²
  • Flexible PVC sheath
  • External Diameter: 4.8mm
  • DC Resistance at 20C: Inner Cond.: 0.090Ω/m(0.027Ω/Ft)Shield: 0.025Ω/m(0.0076Ω/Ft)
  • Capacitance at 1kHz, 20C: 65pF/m(19.8pF/Ft)
  • Characteristic Imperdance at 10MHz: 75Ω+/-10%
  • Attenuation (10MHz): 0.061dB/m (0.019db/Ft)
  • Phase Constant (10MHz): 0.3rad/m
  • Noise Electromagnetic Noise: 0.1 mV maximum
  • Voltage Breakdown Must withstand at 500 VDC /15 sec

The MOGAMI 2964 digital cable is only 4.8mm in diameter and extremely flexible. The technical parameters are precisely designed for the transmission of high frequency word clock and video signals. The 75 ohm impedance is guaranteed with a tolerance of only ± 10%. A double spiral shield protects extremely effectively from interference.

The MOGAMI 2964 coaxial cable is designed to be tough and flexible at the same time. Superflexible subminiature coaxial cables which cannot be found in MIL, JIS and other popular worldwide standards. There are lots of cases where those standard cables will not do the job.

MOGAMI superflexible subminiature coaxial cables were originally made for custom applications, and remained in production thereafter, finding many applications all over the world.

Enssembled and tested by Powerestudio.


  • Professional studio and installation cable
  • Digital and Coaxial lines
  • Quality word clock cable
  • First-class audio and video cable 
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