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Neumann TLM 103


Take your podcast to the next level with the podcast audio editing and podcast mastering service. We edit of all type of podcasts: interviews, educational, business…  Each episode is edited and mixed with the highest quality, and you can include your favorite music or sound effects. We fix all the issues of your recording. If you need intro and outros in your episodes, here you have music for podcasts.

Send us your episode files and your voice will be processed to get a professional podcast.

Podcast editing services

Podcast editing services
Audio Services to finish your Podcast

Podcast Sound Design

If you have your podcast or audiobook recorded and you need to create its sound design, we help you make your story sound like a movie. Our Podcast sound design is ideal for science fiction, true crime, or any genre that we want to make a sound like a real film.

Contact us, tell us your story and we will send you the best budget.

Podcast PRO Editing

Professional editing to prepare your podcast in detail. Noise cleanup, advanced editing, cut repetitions, mmm, aahhh, mistakes. Cut pauses. Overal Volume Leveling. Apply EQ, Compression. Insert and edit provided audio tracks like intro/outro/fx/music.

Podcast Mixing Service

If you have your Podcast edited and with all the audio tracks ready to make the final mix, we process it to achieve the best sound.

Podcast Mastering Service

If your episode is already finished with all the audio edited and all its tracks and SFX mixed but it needs more strength and transparency to achieve a more professional and impressive sound, you can request our mastering podcast audio service.

Podcast Mastering audio ...

 Podcasts with great and powerful sound will give to your recording more professionalism.
A warm and correct voice will keep your listeners for longer and it will help you attract more visitors.

Podcast sound quality is important ...

A poor voice will make your audio less professional and less confident. Your listeners will leave your site quickly, so its important finish your episodes with the best audio quality possible.

Make your voice sound like a radio station ...

We help you to improve your podcast by getting a professional sound.
With the podcast editing services, your voice will sound more powerful! and more professional!

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Edición de Audiolibros

Dramatized Audiobook Mastering

Audiobook mastering services for authors and producers of this format, ideal to end your episodes with the best sound and meet the ACX standards and similar platforms.

World Class Podcast Editing Service

Podcasting is a fascinating and relatively new medium that allows one to get really creative. Having spent over fifteen years in this industry, we are certain that we have come across every kind of audio issue, it is possible to encounter, and fixed all of them. So, we have no fear of tackling podcasts. Leave your audio in our hands, and we will soon have it sounding much better with a vibrant pop that will sound so good, not at all flat through the earphones of your listening audience. While being very interesting, so many podcasts have a relatively flat sound that fails to really engage their audience. At Powerestudio, we aim to polish your podcasts and add to the sound quality to really grab the attention of your public.

We take care of all the details of the podcast

We offer to remove all of the annoying clicks and noises that can often blight your audience’s listening pleasure and leave your podcast sounding like a less than professional recording. Leave it with us, and we will enhance your podcast and take it to the next level, ensuring you a high-quality audio recording that will be imbued with warmth. We know that we can use the raw materials of the audio recording that you send us and return to you a genuinely engrossing experience that your listeners will come back for again and again. This is exactly what every podcaster wants, and we know what kind of sound profile really appeals to listeners.

Trained podcast editing freelance

Place your faith in us and our 15+ years of experience, as so many of your fellow podcasters do. You have put your heart and soul into your creation, and when you put it out to the world, you need to know that it is of the best possible quality. For a modest fee, we can ensure that each of your podcast episodes is of the best versions that they can be. Our podcast sound editor will manage all the tasks your audiobook need.

We edit and master podcasts online for great companies
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Sky TV

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Best Podcast editing services

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To make a quality podcast audio you will need a microphone with good characteristics to record voices. Depending on the budget choose the better you can. In the list below, you have some of the best microphone to record voices. If you have a studio or a room treated, mic condenser will work nice because the capture more ambiance and details, on living room dynamic microphones with cardioid response are preferred to avoid room ambiance and reflections.

SE Electronics V7
An economic and good option dynamic microphone.

Beyerdynamic M88
Another dynamic option with super cardioid response.

Blue Ember
A condenser microphone, good quality and inexpensive.

Electro Voice RE20
A classic dynamic cardioid microphone.

Blue Yeti Pro
A multi pattern condenser microphone. It has usb to connect to your devices.

Blue Bluebird and Blue Baby Bottle
Another good options and quality condenser microphone to record voices. 

CAD E100s Microphone with a large diaphragm supercardioid condenser. This mic has very low noise.

Lewitt LCT 240 PRO
A nice condenser and very affordable microphone. You can use it with other instruments.

Neumann TLM 103
This microphone is one of the most used in the industry. A quality condenser with very low noise.

Choose a microphone depending on the voice being recorded. If it is a squeaky voice, choose a microphone with more bass response, if it is a deep voice, choose a microphone with a flatter response. It will also depend on whether we record male or female.


To record a natural and warm voice is preferable to use a good quality preamp or interface with low distortion and transparent sound, better than colored, after recording you can EQ and compress to add warmth. There are a lot of interfaces in the market, these 3 options work really nice:

Steinberg MR816
This example was recorded with MR816 interface, the voice is natural and warm. A good audio interface with analog sounding touch.

Steinberg MR816 + TLM 103 (Original recording, no plugins or processors were used)

Focusrite Scarlett
I recorded this example with Scarlett 6i6, the voice is natural and balanced. An inexpensive interface that record with quality.

Scarlett 6i6 + TLM 103 (Original recording, no plugins or processors were used)
Avid HD Omni Voice recorded with the HD Omni, the voice is natural and detailed. A great option if you use Protools HD.
Avid HD Omni + TLM 103 (Original recording, no plugins or processors were used)


To record several voices you can use a portable recorder with independent input mic´s. They are light and easy to use and set up. Zoom H6 is a good option. You can record 4 microphones on independent tracks (this is great to make the podcast audio editing) and usb connection.


You have a lot of quality microphones out there and not very expensive. Get one with good quality sound for recording your voice. Use a mic stand or holder to avoid noises.
Choose your favorite audio editor for recording your voice, Audacity is free.
Set up the sample rate to 24bits for recording, use 48Khz better.
Record with low gain, a good range it´s between -3db and -6db. Never saturate the signal.
Choose a quiet room for making your recordings. If you record on noisy environments it will be difficult to make a professional sound.
Tip: At night time is a good moment to record your podcast because the ambient noise decreases quite.
Once you are finished your recording, export to wave or aiff file.
Choose the sample rate used in your project, 44 or 48khz.  Export at 24bits (better quality).

Don´t miss this post and learn how to make your podcast editing sound professional. Podcast Recording Tips.

podcast audio editing
Remove and filter plosive P and pops from the podcast

A lot of people can´t listen to the plosive consonants and pop´s because their system monitor does not have an accurate low response, but there are a lot of places with good systems that you can listen to easily these pops and Peee´s.  And this is annoying, it is similar to hearing a bass drum or deep blow, so the best option is to filter these low frequencies. Put an EQ on the voice track and apply a cut in 30hz, in this way you will eliminate this problem.

Remove pops and plosives on podcast
Softens the sibilance of the podcast

The sibilance is annoying to the ear, they appear very easily in bright systems and living environments, try to soften them with a de-esser plugin or editing them. I prefer to use the volume envelope to reduce them.

Softens sibilance on podcast
Finish your podcast audio editing with the correct Loudness

Do not over-compress with an excess volume of leaving it too quiet, it will be annoying to the listener and will not sound good on different devices. A correct loudness of the voice is measured by LUFS as standard measuring. A margin of -16 LUFS is the most common measure used on podcasts. Try not to stay near -10 LUFS (too high) or -25 LUFS (too low). Use a plugin metering to control the podcast loudness like Youlean loudness Pro 2

Youlean Loudness meter 2

Order our podcast editing services and your episodes will sound as never before

Can I send multiple audio files?

Yes. If you recorded a podcast in different takes is not problem. Send all files to making the final podcast.

How should I send my audio podcasts?

Export your audio files with the same sample rate and bit depth at which the project was recorded. For example, if a track was recorded or mixed in 44.1kHz, 24-bit, simply export using those values. Remember 24 bits has better quality sound than 16. No compressing, limiting or normalising because headroom is needed to work with your podcast. DO NOT send MP3 (export WAV for the best quality).

Do you use only plugins?

Usually not. I always process voices through my analogue gear using my SSL converters. Unless the podcast has already been treated and have analogue quality. I use plugins for small corrections only.

Still not satisfied with your podcast?

Not problem. Podcast Mastering include Free Revisions. I will make modifications until you are satisfied.

Why Powerestudio?

More than 15 years of audio engineering experience. Tv´s, Radio, Audio Postproduction. Working with best mastering tools. Crane song, Millennia, Lavry engineering, SSL, Elysia.

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