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If you have come looking for audio mastering online, then you have definitely come to the right place. At Powerestudio, we are dedicated to bringing your projects to life with the most vibrant sounds and richest audio depth. Our mastering studio will run your tracks through our range of cutting edge analog mastering equipment that will breathe warmth and dynamism into even the most jaded sounded tracks.

Trust us when we say that you will listen to your mastered tracks with new ears as if they are entirely new pieces of audio that you have never come across before.

With our advanced song mastering, we aim to imbue your audio tracks with a professional quality that cannot be denied. We always begin our process with an initial analysis. This will allow us to identify gaps and issues within your sound recordings that would need to be resolved. We go through each track to adjust the equalization and balance as necessary before creating a stereo image analysis and adjusting the compression and dynamics to suit each track. Any over-compressed tracks will undergo an expansion process to ensure we squeeze out every last bit of rich-sounding quality audio that we can. Our stereo and monophase analysis are compiled before we use mastering equalizers to create a final “sound color” and finish up with reverb if it is necessary.

Your music will soundlike a record
audio mastering equipment


For only €25 per track, we can master a song and send it back to you in two days. We have different audio mastering online packages that you can use depending on how many tracks you need us to polish for you.

Our artists and clients are always happy with our work and are not shy about letting us know. We have lots of positive reviews from them, and they keep coming back to our studio because they know that they can trust us with their precious work that they have poured their hearts and souls into.

Why should I do the audio mastering in Power Studio?

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Mastered Music Examples

Darryl KniffenNight Rain - Original
Jose Rivera SoundGotas de Rocio en el Alma - Original
SinnesmenschHerbstlaub - Original
HypothalamusNebulosas - Original
Night Rain - Master
Gotas de Rocio.. - Master
Herbstlaub - Master
Nebulosas - Master
Summit DCL200 mastering compressor
Focusrite red2
Cranesong Hedd192
NSEQ2 Fred Forssell Mastering EQ

Music Mastering Workflow

  • A first analysis of your tracks to find gaps and shortcomings.
  • Equalization and Balance correction.
  • Stereo image analysis and Middle and Side process.
  • Compression and dynamics to fit the correct loudness.
  • Over Compressed tracks will be treated with expansion process.
  • Clicks and noise cleaning when needed.
  • Microdynamics and Macrodynamics edit.
  • Stereo and Mono Phase analysis.
  • Final "Sound Color" process with Mastering Equalizers.
  • Add reverb when needed .

Only 25€ per track

2 Days Delivery

Artist reviews

“I love this mastering. It sounds Jazz! Thank you”
Darryl Kniffen jazz
Darryl Kniffen
“Powerful and lovely sound. It´s amazing!”
Jose Rivera sound
Jose Rivera
"Grandes profesionales, seriedad, rapidez en el plazo de entregas, sin duda 100% recomendable"
David preciados
David Preciados

Affordable Audio Mastering Prices

8 Tracks
You Save 5%


15 Tracks
You Save 7%



Fast Turnaround

48 hours per track Sometimes less. Your files will be ready fast! You will not have a problem with deadlines.

High-End Audio Mastering Gear

Working with the best audio analog brands and digital equipment to get the best online sound mastering.

Friendly Communication

Interaction with the engineer to check all the details of your project caring all aspects of your tracks.

Cheap prices

The best prices in online mastering services. Finish your tracks without breaking your pocket.

Audiojungle mastering

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What styles of online music mastering are you specialized in?

We master all the music styles: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Lounge, OST. 

What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?

Paypal. If you need bank transfer get in touch.

How should I send my files ?

Files should always be exported at the same sample rate and bit depth at which the project was recorded. For example, if a track was recorded or mixed in 44.1kHz, 24-bit, simply export using those values.
Remember 24 bits has better quality sound. No compressing, limiting or normalising – headroom is needed to work with your tracks.

DO NOT send MP3. 

STEMS Mastering: When exporting STEMS each file must have the same time and start at the same point. Even with silent, each file must be exported from the same point as all others. For example, your track length 2:20″ and begins in your sequencer at 01:00:00, export all your stems from 01:00:00 to 01:02:25.

Still not satisfied with the result ?

No problem. Our Service includes Free Revisions. I will make modifications until you are satisfied.

Why Powerestudio ?

More than 15 years of audio engineering experience. A room acoustically controlled with a high-end monitoring (Lipinski speakers). Working with best mastering tools. Crane song, Millennia, Lavry engineering, SSL, Elysia.

What is the process to master a track?

We use wetransfer to download and upload the files in our studio. Please send your file(s) using your favourite transfer server. When you order a service we will be in touch with not missing any detail of your job. Technical, creative, likes and dislikes. It´s time to tell me all the details of your track(s). After receiving the audio files I analyze the material of your project. A first analysis to see the “state” of your work.


Your mix is correct or needs some changes

When your mixes are correct no changes will be necessary, and the processing of mastering will begin.
Otherwise, it is preferable to make a new mix, if possible.

Protools audio mastering
A new mix is possible

This is the best option when the instruments in the mix are unbalanced or the EQ is needed only on one instrument because when we correct one instrument, it will affect the rest. Making separate changes to each instrument and exporting a new mix is always more effective.

I will give you exact instructions to make changes to your project and create a new mix. (Change levels of an instrument, correct EQ or compression).

protools session mastering
No mix is possible

When is not possible to proceed with a new mixing we have to work with your final mix. It obviously always has its limitations. Bear in mind that a good master is achieved with a good mixing, and achieve a good master from a poor mixing will not be always possible. So I´ll work for getting the best possible sound of your mix. (But do not worry, we can get amazing results).


The audio mastering online session begins

All tracks are processed to get the best sound possible. Eq, dynamics, phase checking, reverb and final edition.


Approval of the final mastered tracks

Once the studio session has finished I will send you tests for your approval. Do you like it? would you like to change anything? is the time of the final tweaks. Once the work is completed, I will send you the files in the format you need.

Common formats: Wav, mp3, flac and iTunes.


Order and rhythm in a CD

This is a very important aspect in the creation of a CD, the order of the songs, based on tempo and musical style, It is important for the perception of the listener, like spaces and “fades” of the CD. This aspect can make a boring cd or a cd with the hook. If you need for reasons of production or creativity set the order of the tracks, perfect. If you do not have clear this matter I recommend leave it in my hands.

audio mastering online
Affordable CD Mastering
  • 48H per track
  • CD (6-10 tracks) Seven to twelve days for approximately.
  • Stem Mastering : 3 days per track
  • CD (6-10 tracks) 18 to 26 days for approximately.
  • If you need to perform a work in less time, Contact us

Stem mastering online or Multilayer

This is another option to master a song. With groups of tracks, a mix master job is done, and although it is a more expensive service, the mastering sound quality is superior.
You need to provide separate tracks. (Example of a stem of 5 groups: drums, bass, guitars, strings, and vocals )

This is like a professional mixing but using the final stems.

“Stem mastering it is a luxury option for your music. It´s more expensive, takes more work and time but the end result is higher quality mastering.”

Important recommendations before mastering a track

  • Use quality samples and libraries in your productions.
  • Mix your tracks thinking about creativity since the final loudness will be the task of the mastering engineer.
  • Add EQ, compression and all the effects you want without creating distortions or limitations that affect the transparency and quality of the audio.
  • Mix your tracks without saturating the channels, turn down all the faders, and turn up the volume on your monitors.
  • Always use 24bits in your productions.
  • Export the final mix without limiting the peaks on the master buss (-3db maximum)
We recommend this post about the important aspects of professional mastering.
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