Sound Design for Film, Video Games and App

When your movie needs original and professional sound design, only an experienced audio engineer like Powerestudio can elaborate on the idea of your project, making the perfect ambiance to the picture. Each movie has an emotion to tell, each spot or video has a target to fill. Here you will find the best original sound for your movies.

We work for filmmakers, producers and companies

Foley and sound effects recreation

Sound Design Composition


Sound Design Composition


Working for leading companies

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Original sound effects for your productions

  Amazing original sound effects for film, app, video games or picture.
  Super High-Quality sound made with art software & High-End audio gear.
  A wide range of sound effects to cover all needs.

Background and sound ambiances

  Audio ambiances designed for each movie.
  Sound textures to enhance your movie.
  Backgrounds to accompany the picture.

A film with a poor audio design will not transmit the emotion…

Soun Design

Professional Sound Design service

You have a lot of sound libraries on the market……
but best option for your project it´s making a bespoke suit!
Each video is unique and needs their specific sound.

If you need sound effects for your project I can design them to fit perfectly according to the type of work needed.
Movement effects, transitions effects, recreated environments, and all type of genres. Action effects, sci-fi effects, suspense effects.

All sound effects are made with a great quality sound, excellent dynamic and stereo phase.

Totally compatible with Final Cut and Avid.

Examples of Sound Design Audio effects

Action and war sequence audio example

Power sound effects
Power sound effectsWar

Suspense sequence audio example

Power sound effects
Power sound effectsSuspense

Sci-fi sequence audio example

Power sound effects
Power sound effectsSci-fi

Landscape with rather melancholy

Power sound effects
Power sound effectsNature
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