How to Mastering Audio for Film

Mastering audio for film

Film music mastering is very similar to commercial music mastering. It differs in the process of export, treatment and dynamics. At the sound level, the objective remains the same, we must ensure that the music sounds as good as possible. The music intended for cinema has to maintain a great dynamic, although it is a … Read more

Mixing Mastering Techniques and Tips

Mixing mastering techniques and tips

This guide with techniques and tips for mixing and mastering will help you to finish your musical productions in the correct way and with professional quality. Whether you are a beginner or if you already have experience, they will surely help you improve your skills. And if you do not know some of these techniques, … Read more

How to make a BNC cable

bnc cable assembly

A BNC cable is normally used for word clock or digital signals in the recording studio. They are also used for video signals (SDI). These cables work at 75 Ω and it is important to choose quality cables to avoid jitter and signal degradation, especially when used with AD or DA converters. They are perfectly … Read more

Sommer Carbokab – One of the best aes cable built for microphones

Sommer Carbokab + Neutrik

Sommer Carbokab is a workhorse in the studio, in addition to having an incredible quality, you can use it for microphones, analog or digital connection, in fact, it is one of the best aes cable that I have tested next to Grimm TPR.  Its carbon design and solid core conductor eliminates possible noise and electromagnetics interference … Read more

How to master a song professionally

Audio mastering online

After working more than 20 years on recording studios I´d like to share my experience and write this post about the important points that will make a mastering work, professional. Many artists try to master their songs but without achieving the desired result. Here are the main 5 reasons you should have in mind to … Read more