Sound designer Portfolio

30 Monedas (HBO)
Audio mixing, mastering

Un paseo por el Madrid de Jonás Trueba
Sound Design, mixing, mastering

A Guerra dos tronos (Syfy Universal)
Mixing Mastering

Play Video about Film Home-Sitters

Home-Sitters (Indie Rak Productions)
Film Sound Design (Action/Thriller 2022)

Little Town - Trailer (Hey Jude Productions)
Sound Design, Mixing

Gastrofestival 2021
Sound design Mixing and mastering

Programación (Teatro Español)
Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering

Promo from (Calle 13 Universal)
Sound Design, Mixing

Netflix - Spain

Spot. Composition, sound design and mastering. A cold environment to represent the history of the book.

Video Reel (Calle 13 Universal)
Sound Design, Mixing

Genérico Verano (Calle 13 Universal)
Sound Design. Mixing

Prostitución - Teatro Español
Audio Mixing, Mastering

Sound design of this piece. A lot of sound effects to recreate the scene

Mixing and mastering of this great arrangement
A nice music version of Star wars

Demo graphic head clip
Electronic composition for the movie

Racing cars animation
Sound design and mixing

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