How to make a BNC cable

bnc cable assembly

A BNC cable is normally used for word clock or digital signals in the recording studio. They are also used for video signals (SDI). These cables work at 75 Ω and it is important to choose quality cables to avoid jitter and signal degradation, especially when used with AD or DA converters. They are perfectly suitable in Hi-Fi equipment.

Another recommendation is that the word clock cables are as short as possible, so install them with the right length to connect the equipment is preferable.

There are cheap and expensive brands but if you prefer to make them yourself, follow this tutorial.

Assembling a BNC connector

We will need BNC crimping tool and wire stripper.

Tools to make a BNC cable

Buy a quality cable, in this case I will use Mogami neglex 2964, Canare is another great option. Likewise, a quality BNC connector is important, Canare is a quality connector.
We begin stripping the wire approximately what the connector measures.

Strip the positive pole 5mm and place the tip of the connector. Next we will crimp the tip.

(To crimp the connector place the tip or shielding in the corresponding socket and press hard)

KONECT Precision Ratchet Crimp Tool Crimper for RF Coax RG58 RG59 RG62 RG174 Fiber Optic .043″ .068″ .100″ .137″ .213″ .255″ (K-H3G)

Eclipse Tools CP-301G Pro’sKit Precision Wire Stripper, 30-20 AWG

Mogami 2964 Digital Coaxial Cable 75 Ohm Word Clock, SDI, HDTV DH | Canare Gold BNC | HiFi – 3.28 ft / 1.0 m

Now I reinforce the tip with a tin drop, mogami 2964 is multi strand, and soldering we will make the tip stiffer.

Soldering BNC

Next step, introduce the connector ring in the cable, press the tip until it is well placed, the connector has a click when you insert it.

Placing BNC tip

Place all the wires of the shielding correctly in the BNC connector that we will then crimp.

And voila! the connector is mounted, now repeat the process in the other side and your bnc cable will be ready.

BNC cable assembled

If you prefer to buy them, we mount these cables in a custom length, available on BNC or Spdif connectors.

Don´t miss another great digital cables, Grimm TPR and Sommer Carbokab 225.

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