Decoupling monitors in your studio

Decoupling monitors with stands

Decoupling monitors are important to avoid sound vibrations from the speakers. If you place your monitors on a desktop or mixer this can produce “comb filtering” or coloration of the sound. Besides mechanical vibration of the speaker contribute to this phenomenon. 

Decoupling stand monitors

Using rigid stands it´s the best option. You have a lot of models in the market. Sound anchords stands work really fine and it´s what I use with my Lipinski speakers.

Monolith is another great stand monitor from Unity audio.

If you have the skill to make your own stands you will find a lot of DIY monitor stands on the net.

When you have to place your monitors on a desktop or mixer you can use 4 smaller foam feet at the bottom corners of the speaker.  Sorbothane is a great material for attenuating vibration, like blue dots.

Professional products like Recoil stabilizers or Isoacoustics work fine.

Well, after a good symmetrymonitor placement, and first reflection points acoustic treatment will see a very very important element for your studio, bass traps.

IsoAcoustics Iso-Stand Series Speaker Isolation Stands with Height & Tilt Adjustment: Iso-130 (5.1″ x 6”) Pair
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