Decoupling monitors in your studio

Decoupling monitors with stands

Decoupling monitors are important to avoid sound vibrations from the speakers. If you place your monitors on desktop or mixer this can produce “comb filtering” or coloration of sound. Besides mechanical vibration of the speaker contribute to this phenomenon. 

Decoupling studio monitors
Using rigid stands it´s the best option. You have a lot of models in the market. Sound anchords stands work really fine and it´s what I use with my Lipinski speakers.Monolith is another great stand monitor from Unity audio.If you have the skill to make your own stands you will find a lot of DIY monitors stands on the net.When you have to place your monitors on desktop or mixer you can use 4 smaller foam feet at the bottom corners of the speaker.  Sorbothane is a great material for attenuating vibration, like blue dots.Professional products like recoil stabilizers or isoacoustics work fine.Well, after a good symmetrymonitors placement and first reflections points treatment will see a very very important element for your studio, bass traps.

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