Bass traps in your studio Part II. Super chunks or tri-corners and low-frequency resonators

Low Frequency Resonators

Super chunks traps are very effective in our studio. When it´s needed a great amount of low-frequency absorption in a room we have to put very efficient traps on corners. This usually occurs on smaller rooms.

Super chunks or Tri-corners

Filling the corners with fiberglass or rock wool (60kg/m3) we will catch more low frequencies. Cutting triangles from floor to ceiling it´s the best option. You can put small slats screwed to walls for fixing the fiber and staple the fabric.If you don´t want to absorb high frequencies put slats on the face side. 

Another option it´s placing a limp mass layer, this method improves the low bass absorption. Here you will learn all about Tim´s limp mass bass absorbers.

A third option it´s making low-frequency resonators, these traps absorb only a target of frequencies. Usually, they are tuned for the low bass octave as they are very effective. Fluffy fiber works better in this type of modules (20kg/m3). I use these traps in my studio.You can make them with MDF fiber-board or gypsum-board. Usually measures  60cm x 45cm. Sealing the perforated panel to the walls will perform better. This great calculator will help you for tuning your traps:  Acoustic modeling.

Basstrap Resonator Design Basstrap Resonator Design bis

If you prefer professional bass traps here you have excellent products:

GIK Acoustics
RPG  Diffusor Systems
Real Traps

If you are located in EU visit Blue Frog Audio, their bass traps are very nice, custom size and affordable price.

“Blue Frog Audio made some corner traps for my room”

Tri-corner bass traps
Once your room it´s controlled with a good response and your low frequencies treated let´s see the reverberation of your room, RT60.

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  1. I am interested about your Bass Absorber : “A third option it´s making low frequency resonators, these traps absorb only a target of frequencies”

    Does this absorber works on 60Hz ? Please answer me. Thanks in advance.

  2. Great, I will try to do the same in my Music Room. The only I am afraid about mineral fibre and health. What could you advice about cover material to protect contact with Mineral fibre? Thanks about good idea of Bass Trap!


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