Sommer Carbokab – One of the best aes cable built for microphones

Sommer Carbokab + Neutrik

Sommer Carbokab is a workhorse in the studio, in addition to having an incredible quality, you can use it for microphones, analog or digital connection, in fact, it is one of the best aes cable that I have tested next to Grimm TPR. 

Its carbon design and solid core conductor eliminates possible noise and electromagnetics interference giving a very natural and detailed sound. SC-CARBOKAB 225 cable guarantees an absolutely linear and faithful acoustic reproduction up to a distance of 200 meters. Its low capacitance allows you to work in any situation.

It works well against inner reflections, hence no jitter effects. Sommer Carbokab is not marketed as a specific AES cable, but has an impedance of 110 ohms and works beautifully in digital lines, in my experience. It can also be used to tame overly bright signals a bit. Carbokab has thickness and stiffness.

With microphones, it works excellent, with a very natural balance, its sound has a body with very natural and detailed mids and highs.

This cable also works great on voice channels, I use it with a Newmann TLM103 and the sound is wonderful.

Aes cable sommer carbokab

Sommer Carbokab is one of the best cables you can use in the studio, it is not cheap, but it is a high quality German brand product.

Aes cable perfectly usable in the Hi-FI world

Audiophile people can use it for High-quality hi-fi connections. In addition to using it as an analog or aes cable in balanced or XLR mode, it can also be used for unbalanced or domestic lines. For example to mount an RCA cable we will joint the white and red conductors for the tip and the shielding for the negative pin.

If you want to try this wonderful cable you can order it in our store, you will like it.

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4 thoughts on “Sommer Carbokab – One of the best aes cable built for microphones”

  1. Hello,

    I’m between the Grimm Tpr and Sommer Carbokab Cables.

    I will it use as Microphone Cable, Line Cable for my Mic Preamp and Compressor and for my Monitors.

    Wich cable do u think is the Best to go.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Thx for the fast reply

    I forgot to say 1 connection I need a AES Connection from my Subwoofer Neumann KH750 to my ADI-2 PRO AD/DA Converter.

    But all in all u say mic cable, Line Cable for mic pre and Compressor Studio Monitors analog and AES the best Way is Grimm Tpr.

    Thx a lot


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