Grimm TPR the best cable for studio monitors

Grimm TPR cable

Grimm TPR is a great cable for general use in the studio. It´s neutral and accurate, with a nice 3D soundstage. The image is very nice when you listen to an instrument in mono you heard a solid center.

I have tried these babies on all my monitors (Lipinski, Amphion, and Geithain) in combination with my Crane Song Avocet, and now they are my favorite.

I used Mogami, Belden, Canare, and others, previously I was using Acoustic Zen Studio (an amazing cable too) in my mastering chain. I like the sound of Grimm.

There are a lot of great cables in the market, cheap and expensive, but Grimm TPR has an adjusted price with excellent quality. If you have accurate monitors in your studio this cable will like you, because detail will improve.

Grimm tpr balanced cable

Grimm TPR in Patch Panels

On patch panels, it works very nice. I have some of my audio gear connected with TPR. Totally transparent and detailed sound. It can be used in a mastering chain without a doubt.

TPR cable is perfect for Studios: Line, Mic line, and AES/EBU. Grimm Audio is a company from The Netherlands.

TPR8/16 Multipair Cable

Grimm Audio has an excellent quality bulk cable to make your own d-sub breakout cables, TPR 8 and TPR 16. As well, the company sells these multipair cables ready assembled.

Totally recommended for connecting your studio equipment.


In my career I have tried quite a few cables, most of them have very similar nuances, among them, Mogami, Belden 1800F, Gotham, Zaolla, Sommer, etc. They are all professionals and I could work with anyone, there are not very big differences, but with Acoustic Zen and Grimm I enjoy the sound and the mix more.

If you do not make your own cables and prefer buying them, Powerestudio assembles this great cables, so you can buy them here. I advise you to try them! 

Don’t miss another great cable, Sommer carbokab

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