Amazing FREE first reflection points calculator software for setting your room, by Andreas Melcher

Acoustic reflections calculator for studio
Andreas Melcher was kind enough to show me his application. It´s a great online tool where you can calculate all reflections in a room. Paint dimensions of your room, place speaker and listening position, this app will show ray tracing of the room.

This amazing tool will help you locating traps and diffusers in suitable points, further you can try and see the behavior of the reflections, moving speaker and listening position you will see the best place for your sweet spot with minimal reflections possible.

The application visually shows you the different positions of ray tracing.Andreas Melcher First Reflection Points App

“I recommend this app to improve the acoustics of your room”

Andreas Melcher is a software developer in acoustic applications.
Thanks, Andreas!

Here you can learn how to treat your First reflection points.

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