Podcast mastering and audio editing

Podcast mastering

      Give to your podcast a professional sound

Mastering for your Podcasts ...

 Podcasts with great and powerful sound will give to your site more professionalism.
A warm and correct voice will keep your listeners for longer and it will help you attract more visitors.

Quality of your Podcasts is Important ...

 A poor voice will make your site less professional and less confident.
Your listeners would leave your place more easily.

Make your voice sound like a radio station ...

Here you can improve your podcast getting a professional sound.
With my podcast editing your voice will sound more powerful! and more professional!

   Podcast will be cleaned, edited and treated (EQ+Dynamic process).

Only 6€ per 5 minutes podcast

Focusrite RED2

Audio Pocast Mastering Process

  • A first analysis of your podcast(s) to find possible shortcomings.
  • Clicks and noise cleaning.
  • Equalization of each track(s).
  • Compression and dynamics to fit correct loudness.
  • Over Compressed voices will be treated with expansion process.
  • Dynamic edition.
  • Final Mastering.
Powerestudio Manager

Juan José Bohoyo
Sound Designer

“More than 15 years working in audio postproduction. Adds, promos, trailers, movies… I know perfectly how to process voice overs”

Podcast demo


Podcast Original

Podcast Mastered

How to do a podcast. Record and export your podcast

You have a lot of quality microphones out there and not very expensive. Get one with quality sound for record your voice.
Podcast editing
Choose your favorite audio editor for recording your voice. Set up sample rate to 24bits for recording, use 44 or 48Khz.

Record with low gain better. A good range it´s between -3db and -6db. Never saturate the signal.

Choose a quiet room for make your recordings. If you record on noisy environments it will be difficult make a professional sound.
Tip: At night time is a good moment to record your podcast because the ambient noise decreases quite.

Once you are finished your recording export to wav or aiff file.
Choose the sample rate used in your project , 44 or 48khz.  Export at 24bits (better quality).

Don´t process or use plugins for raising the signal, that´s part of my job.

You can send me a text file including all details needed for your podcasts.

After the process you will receive your podcast mastered on wav and mp3 files.

Audio Podcast Mastering Shopping cart


Podcast Mastering Includes:
Wav 48khz/24bits
Wav 44khz/16bits
Mp3 and Flac
Mixing Advisory
Free Revisions

Step 1

Pay your podcast service product.

Paypal secure payment

Choose and pay your audio Podcast mastering online service:  
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Step 2

After payment upload your tracks(s).

Secure file transfer server

We transfer file server

Use www.wetransfer.com or your favourite file transfer server. Sending your podcasts to this email:


Step 3

Start of audio podcast edition

Your Podcast begins the process


After conclude, tests will be sent for your approval. If necessary, corrections will be made.

Finally you will receive your Podcasts mastered.

Turn around: 2 days per 30′ podcast. European customers with a valid VAT ID do not pay tax. All prices do not include 21% vat (European customers only).


Can I send multiple audio files ?

Yes. If you recorded a podcast in different takes is not problem. Send all files to making the final podcast.

How should I send my audio podcasts ?

Export your audio files with the same sample rate and bit depth at which the project was recorded. For example, if a track was recorded or mixed in 44.1kHz, 24-bit, simply export using those values. Remember 24 bits has better quality sound. No compressing, limiting or normalising – headroom is needed to work with your podcast. DO NOT send MP3.

What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?

Paypal. If you need bank transfer get in touch.

Do you mix with plugins only ?

Usually not. I always process voices through my analogue gear using my SSL converters. Unless the podcast has already been treated and have analogue quality. I use plugins for small corrections only.

Still not satisfied with your podcast ?

Not problem. Podcast Mastering include Free Revisions. I will make modifications until you are satisfied.

Why Powerestudio ?

More than 15 years of audio engineering experience. Tv´s, Radio, Audio Postproduction. Working with best mastering tools. Crane song, Millennia, Lavry engineering, SSL, Elysia.

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