Audio Post Production for Video Cinema and Picture

Audio post production online service for Companies, video editors, filmmakers, Film production companies, game developers, freelancers and all types of video content creators. We provide services like mixing, mastering, creative and interactive sound design for film and Broadcast. We are based in Madrid and we make high-quality SFX for games, TV, movies, trailers, radio…

Online Audio Post Production service for promos, spots, Idents, trailers, movies, graphic pieces, logos, documentaries, Social media and many others.

audio post production
Audio post production service
audio post production online

Audio Post Production for Freelancers and film producers

Mix for film, video and all type of visual media projects.

This service is perfect for filmmakers, producers and video editors that need high quality and powerful sound in their productions. We match and design the perfect sound for each project.

Send us your material online and we will make the job quickly. You only will have to worry about the picture…

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Available Audio Post Production services

Sound Design SFX

Sound design and sound effects composition adapted to each project


Replacement and sync of dialogues in a film or video

Foley and ambience creation

Creation of ambiances for a film or video

Noise Cleaning

Remove clicks, pops, noises or replace with new ambiances

Audio Post production Mixing Mastering

Mixing all type of film or media projects

Stereo or Surround 5.1

Choose the final master of your media, stereo or surround

Lynx aurora
Project sam

Audio Post Production Engineering Process

  • A first analysis of your project.
  • Clicks and noise cleaning, if needed.
  • Equalization and edition of each track and samples.
  • Compression and dynamics to fit the correct loudness.
  • Sound Design and Sound Effects composition.
  • Music edition and Mixing tracks.
  • Final Mastering.
  • EBU R128 and other standards.
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Fast Turnaround

Quick service to arrive on time. Your movies will be ready fast! My extensive experience allows me to work fast

High-End Audio Gear

Working with the best Brands Avid Pro Tools HD System Analogue and Digital Audio Gear Working with the standards on broadcast and most used tools in audio postproduction

Any visual media

Audio post production for all type of video content and picture. Audio Post for any graphic design Spots, promos, trailers, Idents, apps, videos, logos, intros, web, etc

Affordable price

The best prices in audio post production service. Affordable rates.

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Clip movie examples

Genérico Series (Calle 13 Universal) Sound Design, Mixing
Video Reel (Calle 13 Universal) Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering
Genérico Verano (Calle 13 Universal). Sound Design. Mixing.
Promo Gru Mi villano favorito (Syfy Universal) Sound Design, Mixing
Promo campaign Dr Who (Syfy Universal) Sound Design, Mixing
This clip was made by postproduction, no audio was recorded. Musical composition, Sound Design. Mixing and Mastering.


Yes. If you have urgent work get in touch.

Choose the one you prefer:

  • Send OMF, AAF standards, including all audio files or video clip. Video clip must be a mix down of the piece.
  • Another option is upload audio files and video clip (MOV, MP4 etc) compressed in a folder.
  • Third option. If you project is mounted in Pro Tools, upload the project.

I work with the best Audio libraries. I will choose ideal music for your movie. If you need a musical and exclusive composition contact me.


Paypal. If you need bank transfer, please get in touch.

Not problem. I will make the necessary modifications until you are satisfied.

More than 15 years of audio engineering experience on Audio Postproduction TV. Working with best mastering tools. Pro Tools, Lipinski Speakers, Crane song, Millennia, Lavry engineering, SSL, Elysia.


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