Audio Mixing online Service – 100% Analog Mixing

Audio mixing online service using analog process, that will add warmth to your songs.
With my mixing, your songs will have a great equalization and a nice soundstage with depth. All tracks are routed through High-End audio gear for achieving the best sound.

If your sound does not convince you….maybe your room or equipment are not optimal.
If your mixes sound sterile, with digitized sound (typical mixing only with plugins) here is the solution, an analog and accurate mixing to get a Powerful sound.

audio mixing online

Pure analog sound

vintagemaker newmann v475

100% Analog Mixing.
All instruments are routed through high-end analog gear.
Your Tracks will sound like a HIT!

Audio Mixing Online Process

  • A first analysis of your tracks to find possible shortcomings.
  • Clicks and noise cleaning, if needed.
  • Equalization of each track instrument.
  • Compression and dynamics to fit each instrument.
  • Over Compressed tracks will be treated with expansion process.
  • Microdynamics and Macrodynamics edit.
  • Stereo image and depth process.
  • Final Mastering.

Only 70€ per track

Delivery Time 3 days per track

Professional Audio Mixing Online Service

Fast Turnaround

72 hours per track Sometimes less. Your tracks will be mixed fast! You will not have a problem with deadlines. If you need a very fast job, contact me with details.

High-End Analog Gear

Best Brands and Mastering grade components Analogue and Digital Audio Gear to get pure analog Mixing VintageMaker Neumann Summing Mixer v475-2C

Friendly Communication

Will be in touch to check the details during the job. I like to know your mixing requests and I understand the work behind it Close contact on audio mixing process

Affordable price

The best prices in online mixing and mastering service. Mix your tracks without breaking your pocket.

audio mixer

This service is perfect for people mixing their tracks. With this analysis, you will have all the information to fix possible shortcomings in your mix. Instruments Levels, Instruments EQ fixing, Pan´s, Phase problems, and more… You will be sure your mixes are correct.

Audio Mix Analysis

  • Analysis of your tracks with a detailed report.
  • Summary of the level of the instruments in the mix.
  • General mixing advisory.

Only 10€ per track

Delivery Time 2 days per track

Audio Mixing Online demos



Millennia NSEQ-2 FF, an amazing eq used both in mixing and mastering.

Focusrite RED2, great eq that provides a very sweet sound, nice musical touching.

Telefunken w395a, very special vintage eq with sweet and magical sound, classic Germany sound.

audio mixing gear


Summit DCL200, tube compressor with great analog color, it works very well with some instruments and buss compression.

TFPro P38 and P38ex, versatile compressors used both in mixing and mastering, transparent sound with great dynamics.

Drawmer 1968ME (with Telefunken NOS tubes), great tube compressor that provides sparkle and mojo sound.

Focusrite Compounder (Modified), great class A compressor that provides very musical sound, it works in a lot of instruments.

Focusrite Mixmaster (Modified), class A compressor and equalizer, it works very well in some instruments like voices.

Art Pro VLA II (with Mullard tubes), great tube compressor with a special sound, adding musical color, great on bass drums or vocals.

Aphex 204, Great for adding slam on bass and drum kick.

Elysia Xpressor, a really cool compressor for a lot of processing. Mixing and mastering.

Charter Oak SCL1, super transparent and accurate compressor with impressive headroom. High-end mastering grade.

SPL Vitalizer Mk2-T, great compressor enhancer for adding color.

Converters and Monitors

Crane Song Hedd 192, High mastering grade converter with tape effect processor.

Lavry blue, Neutral and accurate mastering grade converter.

Lynx Aurora, Mastering grade converter.

Apogee Rosetta 200, Great converter with the “sound” of Apogee.

SSL Alpha-Link SX, Professional ADDA converter for mixing and mastering.

Avid Omni HD, Perfect for mixing in Pro Tools HD.

Steinberg MR816csx, Great audio interface with analog sound.

RME AES32, The perfect mastering digital routing.

Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock, Outstanding digital clock.

Crane Song Avocet, High-quality class A monitor controller, mastering grade.

Lipinski speakers, Mastering grade speakers.

Amphion speakers, Mastering grade speakers.

Geithain RL906, Mastering grade monitors.

SVS subwoofers, Amazing quality subs to analyze lowest frequencies.

Summing Mixer

VintageMaker Newmann v475-2C, 32 channels mixer with Newmann analog character.

How to export your song

master buss logic

Tips before sending your tracks to audio mixing online:

Export your tracks and instruments separately.
Don´t clip exporting your tracks, a good range it´s  -3db  maximum peak. I like to export my tracks at -6db.
Leave some silent space before and after the song, 5 seconds it´s fine.
Don´t compress on bus master, leave it free.
When exporting put dither with the sample rate of your project. Pow-r or MBIT+ are fine.
Example: If your project is set to 48khz 24bits,  put dither with the same bit depth.


Modern style music. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Lounge, Ambient, cinematic and soundtracks

Paypal. If you need bank transfer get in touch.

Files should always be exported at the same sample rate and bit depth at which the project was recorded. For example, if a track was recorded or mixed in 44.1kHz, 24-bit, simply export using those values. Remember 24 bits has better quality sound.
No compressing, limiting or normalising – headroom is needed to work with your tracks.

DO NOT send MP3.

Export each instrument track with the same time and start at the same point. Even with silent, each track must be exported from the same point as all others. For example, your song length 2:20″ and begins in your sequencer at 01:00:00, export all your tracks from 01:00:00 to 01:02:25.

Usually not. I always mix through my analogue gear using my SSL converters.
Unless the project has already been treated and have analogue quality.

I use plugins for small corrections only.

Not problem. Mixing Service include Free Revisions.
I will make modifications until you are satisfied.

More than 15 years of audio mixing engineering experience.
A room acoustically controlled with a high-end monitoring (Lipinski speakers) to get accurate sound.
Working with best mastering tools. Crane song, Millennia, Lavry engineering, SSL, Elysia.


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