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Audio Mastering online Service – 100% Analog Mastering

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Audio Mastering Online service to finish your tracks. Your songs will sound “like a record

Summit DCL200
Focusrite RED2
Cranesong Hedd192
NSEQ2 Fred Forssell

Audio Mastering Online Process

  • A first analysis of your tracks to find gaps and shortcomings.
  • Equalization and Balance correction.
  • Stereo image analysis and Middle and Side process if needed.
  • Compression and dynamics to fit the correct loudness.
  • Over Compressed tracks will be treated with expansion process.
  • Clicks and noise cleaning when needed.
  • Microdynamics and Macrodynamics edit.
  • Stereo and Mono Phase analysis.
  • Final “Sound Color” process with Mastering Equalizers.
  • Mastering Reverb process if needed.

Only 25€ per track

Delivery Time 2 days per track

Professional Audio Mastering for Musicians Composers and Record Labels

Fast Service

48 hours per track Sometimes less
Your tracks will be ready fast!  You will not have a problem with deadlines.
If you need a very fast job, contact me with details.

High-End Audio Gear

Working with the best Brands Mastering grade components
Analogue and Digital Audio Gear to get the best sound.

Friendly communication

In constant contact to check all details
I like to know your requests
I love music and I understand the work behind it.
Close contact it´s a must.

Choose different sound colors

Tubes or Class A
Vintage or Modern
Each composer prefer one
Sometimes a type of sound fit better depending on the type of music.

Powerestudio - Mastering Engineer

Juan José Bohoyo

Sound Design audio engineering

“With my mastering, your tracks will sound with the correct balance, equalization, and dynamics. Great soundstage and depth with a colorful tone.”

Mastering demos Original-Mastered

Darryl Kniffen Night Rain - Original
Jose Rivera Sound Gotas de Rocio en el Alma - Original
Sinnesmensch Herbstlaub - Original
Hypothalamus Nebulosas - Original
 Night Rain - Master
 Gotas de Rocio.. - Master
 Herbstlaub - Master
 Nebulosas - Master
Darryl Kniffen

Darryl Kniffen

“I love this mastering. It sounds Jazz! Thank you”

“Powerful and lovely sound. It´s amazing!”

Jose Rivera Sound

Jose Rivera

Envato logo
25% off to Audiojungle Composers

Fill in this form writing your Audiojungle username.

You will receive a discount code.


What styles of music are you specialized ?

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Mainly modern style music. Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Lounge, OST. As well I can mastering other styles.

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What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?

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Paypal. If you need bank transfer get in touch.

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How should I send my files ?

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Files should always be exported at the same sample rate and bit depth at which the project was recorded. For example, if a track was recorded or mixed in 44.1kHz, 24-bit, simply export using those values. Remember 24 bits has better quality sound. No compressing, limiting or normalising – headroom is needed to work with your tracks. DO NOT send MP3. STEMS Mastering: When exporting STEMS each file must have the same time and start at the same point. Even with silent, each file must be exported from the same point as all others. For example, your track length 2:20″ and begins in your sequencer at 01:00:00, export all your stems from 01:00:00 to 01:02:25.

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Still not satisfied with the result ?

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Not problem. Audio Mastering Online Service include Free Revisions. I will make modifications until you are satisfied.

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Why Powerestudio ?

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More than 15 years of audio engineering experience. A room acoustically controlled with a high-end monitoring (Lipinski speakers). Working with best mastering tools. Crane song, Millennia, Lavry engineering, SSL, Elysia.

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Audio mastering online procedure

We will be in touch at all times to not missing any detail of your job. Technical, creative, likes and dislikes. Tell me all the details. After receiving the audio files I analyze the material of your project. A first analysis to see the “state” of your work.

If your tracks need to make changes we will have two options, see below

A new mix it´s possible

Protools mixer

New mix IS NOT possible

Not new mix

This is the best option when instruments of the mix are unbalanced or equalization is needed only in one instrument. If we correct an instrument in the Master, this will affect the rest. Treat each individual instrument and making a new mix will always be more effective.

I will give you exact instructions to make changes in your project and create a new mix. (Change levels of an instrument, correct EQ or compression).

If it´s not possible to proceed with a new mixing we will work with your final mix.
I´m honest, it will always have its limitations.

Bear in mind that good master is achieved with a good mixing, and achieve a good master from a poor mixing will not be always possible. I´ll work for getting the best possible sound of your mix. (But relax, you can get very good results).

Your mixes and tracks are correct

If your mixes are correct no changes will be necessary, but you will have the certainty that your work is correct. «your tracks will sound good in the outside world».

The best mixes sometimes do not require changes if the work is correct, in these cases I’ll only apply a finishing analog touch ” if appropriate”. Further, you will have the assurance that your work is correct as has been examined in a high-precision monitoring.

mastering online

Order and rhythm in a CD

This is a very important aspect in the creation of a CD, the order of the tracks, based on tempo and musical style, It is important for the perception of the listener, like spaces and “fades” of the CD. This aspect can make a boring cd or a cd with the hook. If you need for reasons of production or creativity set the order of the tracks, perfect. If you do not have clear this matter I recommend leave it in my hands.

Tests and final audio master

Once the mastering has finished I will send you tests for your approval. Do you like it? would you like to change anything? is the time of the final tweaks. Once the work is completed and the payment is done, I will send the files with the format you need.

Common formats: Wav, mp3, and iTunes mastering.See Prices

audio mastering online

Turnaround audio mastering online service

compact disc clock

Turnaround: 48H per track and seven to twelve days for CD (6-10 tracks) approximately.
Stem Mastering : 3 days per track and 18 to 26 days for CD (6-10 tracks) approximately.
If you need to perform a work in less time, let me know

Audio Mastering online multilayer or stem mastering

This type of audio mastering online is another option. With groups of tracks is performed a mastering job, although it is a more expensive service, the quality of sound is superior.
You need to send separate tracks. (Example of a stem of 5 groups: drums, bass, guitars, strings, and vocals ).

stem mastering

“Stem mastering it is a luxury option for your tracks. It´s more expensive, takes more work and time but the end result is higher quality sound.”

  NOTE: Stem Mastering is NOT a mixing of the song. You have to export stems of your song with all production effects and mixing settings.

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