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Audio mixing for your musical projects. Analogue audio gear used to get powerful and natural sound.


Audio mastering service. Finish your tracks with a beautifully sound. Only High-End gear used.


Audio Postpro for movies, adds, promos, idents etc. The perfect sound design for your movies.

All projects are precessed with high level gear (Lipinski speakers, Geithain, Cranesong, Millennia, SSL, LavryEngineering, etc.) for getting an exquisite sound. The work is done in a controlled room acoustically, fundamental and essential part of any quality mastering studio. Acoustics made by Tym Perry from Arqen sonic.

JJ Bohoyo Sound Designer

Juan José Bohoyo – Sound Design audio engineering

In my years of experience I have been selecting elements to form a “chain sound” that provides me a very special sound. Combining High-End analogue gear, vintage Neumann EQ, coupled with the use of certain compressors and equalizers provide a beautiful “sound color”.


Jose Rivera Gotas de Rocio en el alma
@powerestudio says:
Really nice track Jose! Thnks!
Sinnesmensch Herbstlaub
Hypothalamus (6pod9) Nebulosas

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Why Mixing and Mastering with Powerestudio ?


Powerestudio Manager

Powerestudio brings more than fifteen years mixing and mastering. Your work will be handled by experts. So you only have to worry about composing.


Choose your audio mastering

You do not have to pay anything until you are satisfied with the result. With the free DEMO you can decide freely.


Quality audio services

Powerestudio will work until you stay totally satisfied. Caring your tracks and making all needed modifications.


Audio Postproduction service

With my mastering and mixing online service you will get a warm, clear and detailed sound with good soundstage depth. A very analog and velvety sound. And best of all, quality at LOW PRICE.


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